Afghanistan One Year On. The West Didn’t ‘Lose’ the War, Actually, by Martin Jay

Martin Jay says there’s a story behind the story we’ve all been fed about Afghanistan. From Jay at

The real reason why America went there was actually a pipe dream which had nothing to do with fighting the Taliban, Martin Jay writes.

Western media pundits scramble to arrange the clichés about how the West lost a military defeat in the graveyard of empires. The real reason though why America went there in the first place was actually a pipe dream which had nothing to do with fighting the Taliban.

One year after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan after the West exited the country in such a craven way, girls are banned from attending high school, many women can’t work, and over 90 percent of households don’t have enough to eat. In the last couple of weeks though, western media focused on America’s latest gripe about the country: whether U.S. arms, planes, tanks and vehicles left there would end up on the battlefield used against Ukrainian soldiers and western mercenaries.

On this anniversary of the western world’s greatest failure and surely the last nail in the coffin of its perceived hegemony, western journalists grasp their laptops and pound out the unedifying clichés about the state of the country, while families of the victims tell Joe Biden it is morally repugnant for him to keep the money – 7 billion dollars held in New York banks – which is the property of the government of Afghanistan.

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