The Six Figure V8, by Eric Peters

One could argue that the neutering of the American automobile tracked the neutering of the American male. From Eric Peters at

Does anyone remember the Before Time?

It was a time, not a long time ago – about ten years ago –  when it was common for family cars in the $30k range  to come standard with V6 engines and V8s were expected in luxury cars, especially the big ones. Models like the Mercedes S-Class, for instance and its rivals from Audi, Lexus, BMW and so on. You paid that kind of money and you didn’t get a six for it – much less a turbo 2.0. Ten years ago, some of the foregoing luxury cars came with V12s for that kind of money – so as to further distance themselves from cars that cost less than half six figures.

In these times, there are only a few cars priced under $100k that still offer V8s, one of them being the almost $80k Genesis G90 (a rival of the Benz S-Class and others listed above) and the soon-to-be-dearly-departed Dodge Charger, which is the only car you can still get with a V8 for less than $40k. This mid-sized sedan is about to go the way of the Ford Crown Victoria (RIP 2011).

The latter was the last full-sized (six passenger) family car that came standard with a V8 and for less than $30k when it was last new.

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