A Review of the Big Picture and Stakeholder Interests Within FBI Affidavit Justifying Raid on Trump, by Sundance

Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse has done an excellent job of sorting through the Deep State’s war with Donald Trump. From Sundance at theconservativetreehouse.com:

The specific level of GOPe misinformation; a constructed narrative currently advocated by Karl Rove; surrounding the release of the FBI affidavit justifying the raid on President Trump’s home, is very telling.

I’ll have more on that later; suffice to say, it’s clear now the republican wing of the DC UniParty knew the plan all along, and yes, the downstream consequences align with the instructions to the created Trump alternative, Ron DeSantis.  This is all organized.

Review Techno Fog article for the legal perspective on the affidavit [SEE HERE].  From my perspective it becomes important to talk about the bigger picture of what lies behind this entire operation.

First, as to the documents themselves, the general public is clueless about how classified documents exist.  Some even believe classified documents are never copied, which is stunningly false.  All source material is held at the originating agency in its original form.  All versions of documents that are provided to stakeholders in government, including the President are copies.

A well-known example of multiple copies of classified documents -as assembled- is the Daily Presidential Brief.  The president is never given the originating source classified document of anything.   The president, like all other users of classified material, would receive a copy for review. Declassification is done by declassifying the copy and then the declassification directive travels back to the originating agency for them to change the classification status of the original.

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