Europe’s Virtuous Suicide, by Good Citizen

Europe is sacrificing itself on the altar of loony green energy policies and the U.S.’s proxy war in Ukraine against Russia. From Good Citizen at

Poland and Germany discuss why they will let their citizens freeze or go broke trying to keep warm this winter.

Historically when Germans get together in large numbers and they’re not watching Bruce Springsteen performing Born In the USA in 1988 from the oppressive side of a concrete wall, a toxic infusion of assimilation hysteria imbues the crowd and spreads to every individual, and then bad things tend to happen.

Is there a study on the malleability of the German psyche toward herd behavior? The German government has probably already conducted one in secret and uses it against the people whenever required. No doubt German Gesundheitführer Karl Lauterbach keeps the finer points of this study handy when inking his social tyrannies.

Growing up with a mother born in freshly-liberated-from-German-occupation French Alsace to a German father and French mother, it was often like watching David Banner with a croissant before she quickly outgrew her clothes and turned into a green monster for assertive control. Whenever the German in her rose to the surface, my brother and I discovered through what might be called Achtung! nurture, that things were about to become assuredly more, rigid. Let’s call it a rules-based-order upbringing.

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