No Charge for You! By Eric Peters

What happens when who gets charge for their electric cars becomes a political decision? It’s happening in China, like lockdowns, masks, mandatory vaccinations, and social credit scores. From Eric Peters at

Power has to come from somewhere – if you want to power things.

In Chyna, there is not enough power – electricity – to power the electric cars that need it in order to move under their own power. Which of course they don’t, really. The electric car’s motor does not generate power; it consumes it.

The power to run it must be generated first.

What happens when there isn’t enough generating capacity to provide a sufficiency of it? EV charging stations no longer have power – and the electric cars that need it in order to move no longer do.

This is happening, right now – in Chyna.

In Sichuan province, where a persistent drought has slashed hydro-electrical power generation, resulting in the rationing of power. And the turning off of power at Tesla “supercharging” stations. According to news reports, dozens of them have been turned off, leaving owners of Tesla EVs no way to power up.

At least, not “fast.”

It is possible to recharge an electric car without plugging it in to grid power – if you have enough solar power and the necessary equipment to convert and instill it. But that isn’t inexpensive or easy, especially if you would like to “fast” rather than trickle-charge your EV.

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One response to “No Charge for You! By Eric Peters

  1. Mike S Goodmann

    Teslas in China?


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