The Democrats Have Created a Nazi State in America, by Paul Craig Roberts

We live in a country descending into totalitarian madness. From Paul Craig Roberts at

Nazi Propaganda Minister Goebbels and Gestapo chiefs Goring and Himmler are alive and well in the Democrat Party. The media report what the Democrat Party wants reported and nothing else, and the FBI serves as the political police that frames up Republicans while refusing to investigate Hunter Biden’s laptop and Hillary Clinton’s emails.

The FBI told Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg not to permit comment on Hunter Biden’s laptop because it was Russian disinformation. Suckerman clicked his heels and said “Jawohl.”
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The FBI and Department of Justice (sic) refuse to answer questions from Republican US Senator Ron Johnson, Ranking Member, Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. Senator Johnson wants to know why the DOJ and FBI deep-sixed investigation of the information on Hunter Biden’s laptop, as has been reported to the US Senate by FBI whistleblowers. The corrupt DOJ claims that investigation of the laptop information would jeopardize the inquiry by the US Attorney’s office in Delaware of Hunter Biden’s tax compliance. This, of course, is a fake excuse. Some information on the laptop would help the tax investigation if one, in fact, is in process. The other information on the laptop, as we all know, concerns entirely different matters that warrant their own investigations, investigations that in no way compromise the tax inquiry allegedly underway, which really might just be an excuse for no investigation.

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2 responses to “The Democrats Have Created a Nazi State in America, by Paul Craig Roberts

  1. I get what Roberts is getting at, but, the Democrats are setting up more of a new Bolshevik State than a Nazi state. And, the same foreigners who destroyed the Russian Empire in 1917 are now doing the same thing to America.


  2. We’re seeing the same thing in New Zealand under the Ardern government, not much different to the Trudeau regime and extremely hostile to those who challenge its narrative. But the more authoritarian and controlling the government, the more that reasonable and fair-minded people resent it. Make the most of the ballot box to get rid of the autocrats and replace them with libertarians while it’s still possible.


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