Soul Man, by James Howard Kunstler

Joe Biden has now declared war on roughly half the country. With any luck it will lead to the end of the behemoth U.S. government and the splintering of the country. From James Howard Kunstler at

I knew we were in for the business with that “soul of the nation” build-up ballyhoo, but I didn’t exactly expect Independence Hall to be decorated in blood red and sepulchral black à la the-mouth-of-hell for a sermon by the Lord of the Flies himself. Somehow his staff managed to get the Old Trickster to the fiery podium on-time, where, in his trademark inside-out and upside-down mode of argument, he inveighed wrathfully against the “grave threat to democracy” posed by an opposition laboring to undermine “our personal rights…the pursuit of justice [and] the rule of law.” Roger that, Kemosabe.

I confess, I was hoping to see MAGA superhero Homey D. Clown materialize in a puff of rainbow-colored smoke right up there beside the sulfurous incarnation of “Joe Biden.”

“MAGA Republicans have made their choice,” the hypothetical president shouted. “They embrace anger… they live, not in the light of truth, but in the shadow of lies.”

“I don’t think so,” Homey would have surely retorted. Upon which, Homey whaps the Party of Chaos’s front-man upside his hair-plugged noggin with a sock full of Milk Duds. “Homey don’t play that.”

So much for reveries of true righteousness….

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