Killer Teslas, by Eric Peters

The amazing thing is how Tesla manages to skirt liability. From Eric Peters at

Why is it that “speed” (and “guns”) “kill” but Teslas don’t?

Even though Teslas actually do.

No gun ever killed anyone. It took a person to do that. Speed never did, either. Rather, it was the impact with the deceased that did, caused by the loss-of-control of the vehicle – which can and does happen at any speed.

But Teslas actually do kill people. Two of them, just recently. In just one month. The first on July 7. The second a couple of weeks later, on the 24th. Both were motorcyclists. Each was struck from behind by a marauding Tesla driven by itself. Its driver asleep at the wheel – because that’s what Tesla’s “self-driving” technology encourages them to do. If you can’t fall asleep at the wheel in a “self-driving” car, why bother with a “self-driving car”? That would be like buying a boat that’s not safe to float.

Well, the two bikers are now asleep, too. Permanently.

If Teslas were guns, there would be calls to ban them. And these calls would be justified, since – unlike guns – Teslas not only have killed but will kill, again. How many is the only debatable point.

It is an inevitability of the technology – and the psychology.

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