What Happened to America’s Civil Libertarians? By Matt Taibbi

Civil libertarians by definition are in opposition to the state, but now many former civil libertarians are cheerleaders for the government. From Matt Taibbi at taibbi.substack.com:

I’ve always been more liberal than leftist — living in the Soviet Union and its successor states will tend to make you queasy about both ends of the political spectrum — but still fit more on the blue side of the aisle, and for a long time, took pride in this. In the Bush years especially it was left-leaning lawyers and antiwar activists who were able to look past gruesome current headlines about 9/11 or anthrax or bombings in Jakarta or London, and see the long-term damage being done to the national character through surrender on issues like torture, rendition, assassination, and watch-listing. The ACLU mattered in those years.

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