What if they Threw an Election and Nobody Came? By Hardscrabble Farmer

On the futility of voting and the sad delusion of thinking it will make any difference. From Hardscrabble Farmer at theburningplatform.com:

I am as deeply indoctrinated as any American. I grew up at the very zenith of America’s influence, power and success. I served in America’s Guard of Honor (82nd Airborne) and have been everything from a precinct captain to a town councilman. I voted for Reagan in my first election in ’80 and never missed an opportunity to participate as a good citizen, but then reality poked its nose under the tent flap and forced me to see what a fool I had been. Last Tuesday was our state primary and every time I drove past the Town Hall I could feel something inside of me plead to pull in and cast a vote, but I resisted.

Participation in corruption at any level is still corruption. There are enough other things in life where you must compromise your values and your instincts in order to serve something more important than yourself, especially if you have family and friends, but at least with those there is a common bond, a mutual self interest and an understanding that simply does not exist in the sphere of politics.

I was buttonholed at the dump by my local state rep the other morning. He is a local businessman and he has a small farm so in many ways we have some common ground between us. He wanted my vote in the upcoming general election in November- I didn’t tell him I passed on the primary-I asked him the only pertinent question I could think of at the moment and that was what single issue is most important to you?

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