Looking at the Economic Myth of the “Soft Landing”, by Frank Shostak

“Soft Landing” is a Wall Street concoction to convince clients not to sell their overpriced stocks. It takes a market crash before they sell. From Frank Shostak at mises.org:

According to commentators, countering inflation requires monetary authorities to actively restrain the economy, with “experts” believing that higher interest rates need not cause an economic slump. Instead, they believe that the Fed cab orchestrate a “soft landing.” It is questionable, however. that a soft-landing scenario is possible.

Money Printing Creates Economic Damage

If inflation is defined as increases in the money supply rather than increases in prices, then it becomes clear that all that is required to counter it is to close all the loopholes for the generation of money out of “thin air.” The increases in the money supply and not increases in prices inflict damage to the wealth generation process.

Originally, paper money was not regarded as money but merely as a representation of gold. Various paper money receipts represented claims on gold stored with the banks. The holders of paper receipts could convert them into gold whenever they deemed necessary. Because people found it more convenient to use paper receipts to exchange for goods and services, these receipts came to be regarded as money itself.

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