The Time Tax, by Eric Peters

It takes a lot longer to charge an EV than it does to fill the gas tank of an internal combustion car. Think of the difference as a tax. From Eric Peters at

They tax everything else, so why not time?

And that’s just what they’re in the process of doing, via what they style “electrification.” This (forced) “transition” to what isn’t “clean” energy and won’t salve the “climate crisis,” because there isn’t one. How could there be one, given that plus or minus a fraction of 0.04 percent – that being the percent of the Earth’s air that is C02 – isn’t going to “change” much of anything. Believing that it will being akin to believing that adding another grain or two of salt to a supper being cooked for 20 people is going to make it taste saltier.

But the Time Tax that will be imposed in the name of preventing this “change” by “transitioning” to what isn’t “clean” energy is very real, unlike the jiggered-with computer models and other misinformation-hysterics used to foment fear over the “climate crisis.” Which is fundamentally – psychologically – the same thing as the “pandemic” and before that “crisis,” the one fomented over “Islamo-fascism,” ad infinitum.

And the EeeeeeeeeVeeeee is their vehicle for it.

Everyone will pay this tax, too – not merely (and deservedly) the fools who did not practice due diligence as regards what owning an EeeeeeeeeVeeeeee will cost them – in terms of money. Many of these latter are also the same fools who did not practice due diligence when told they must wear a “mask” and then take a “vaccine” in order to “stop the spread.” Just as it is easier to hornswagggle a mark who has already bought a timeshare into buying another one.

The Time Tax will, of course, affect them the most – at first – for they are the only ones who will be paying it, at first. They are the ones who will be spending time thinking about recharging . . . all the time. They are the ones whose trips will always be longer, because of all the time they’ll be spending recharging. They will be “taxed” every time they want to go somewhere beyond the range of their EeeeeeeVeeeee – and on the way back from there, too.

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