This Will Do It, by Eric Peters

Driver “assistance” that won’t let you exceed the speed limit is coming. From Eric Peters at

It may not be their propensity to catch fire, their time-wastage or their exorbtant costs that will eventually cancel EeeeeeVeeees.

It may end up being the unintended (perhaps) consequence of “action” by the very government regulatory apparat that has been pushing EeeeeVeeees on the public almost as relentlessly as the “vaccines” that have proved as “effective” at “stopping the spread” as a cinder block is at keeping you afloat.

The apparat proposes to “incentivize” (meaning coerce) the car companies – already “incentivized” to stop making affordable, practical vehicles that don’t have a built-in propensity to catch fire – to install what is styled “intelligent speed limit assistance technology” in cars, so as to make it “technologically” impossible for drivers to “speed.”

In fact, many cars recently made already have this form of “intellligent assistance.” What’s being proposed is to make it impossible to turn it off.

By the way, isn’t it fascinating that every “technology” deployed to further control our actions is always styled “intelligent”? This serves the dual-purpose of stifling objections to it – are you stupid or something? –  while at the same time insulting the victims of it, who are clearly not “intelligent” enough to be on the loose without the “assistance” of “technology.”

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