Global Tensions Rise Over Russia And Ukraine – What happens Next? by Brandon Smith

If the war goes nuclear rest assured, our remaining semblance of freedom will be gone. From Brandon Smith at

There comes a point in the lifespan of any economic or political analysis when most of your observations or predictions either become mostly wrong, or mostly right. If you have done your job properly through due diligence, research and applied practical insight, then you will be in a position to point out why the dominoes are falling. People have to understand how these events were predictable so that the can prepare better in the future.

The mainstream media, politicians and global banks will tell the public that “no one could have seen these events coming.” This is a lie. Some of us in the alternative fields did see them coming and with considerable clarity. The establishment and their defenders don’t want you to know that. They will deny up and down that we predicted anything; they’ll claim that we don’t exist, that our analysis never happened, or as a last ditch effort they’ll claim that they saw it all coming before we did.

The mainstream officials and analysts have to maintain their image of public authority, and they can’t do that if “upstarts” in the alternative arena are constantly right while they are constantly wrong. They have all the fancy Ivy League degrees, after all.

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