Why solar is not the solution to the energy crisis, by Michael Shellenberger

Solar doesn’t hold a candle to nuclear. From Michael Shellenberger at stevekirsch.substack.com:

Next gen nuclear power is clean, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Most of the waste products can be recycled over and over and the remaining part is short lived. Why was it killed?

Read this tweet thread about solar power from my friend Michael Shellenberger:

The best alternative for generating massive amount of clean power: next gen nuclear (fast reactors)

The best alternative for energy generation is next generation nuclear power (fast-reactors). They combine safety, efficiency, and a small land footprint into an ideal power system.

These next generation reactors, such as the sodium-cooled integral fast reactor (IFR), are extremely safe because if the cooling goes bad, the reactor safely shuts down based on the laws of physics. These reactors also recycle their own waste on site so the nuclear material can be used over and over again (a method known as pyroprocessing). There is a very small amount of “waste” product but it can be safely stored and becomes “safe” after less than 100 years (and we know how to store things safely on those time frames vs. thousands of years required for traditional nuclear waste).

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One response to “Why solar is not the solution to the energy crisis, by Michael Shellenberger

  1. If the government was unable to control businesses through its unconstitutional bureaucracies, if people were free to choose, if the government wasn’t subsidizing ‘green energy’ and people had to pay the real price for it and rely on its unreliability they would soon choose better alternatives and nuclear power might have advanced far enough to now to have fusion nuclear energy. Freedom may not produce perfect results but it quickly produces the best results and alternatives for people to choose from.


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