Biden’s Inner Pluskat: How the Loss of Control of Either House Could Impact the President, by Jonathan Turley

If Republicans control either house they will have the power to investigate. From Jonathan Turley at

Below is my column in the New York Post on what a flipping of either (or both) houses might bring for President Joe Biden. While the President has cited his own impeachment as the danger of such a change, it may be the least of his worries. As we wait for the final tally on seats in both houses, here are three areas that represent a more serious threat to the President than removal from office.

Here is the column:

In the movie “The Longest Day,” Maj. Werner Pluskat tried to warn his superior about the approaching armada that he was seeing on the horizon. His superior asks where they are heading, and Pluskat responds, “Straight for me!”

In the days before the midterm “D-Day,” President Joe Biden increasingly sounded like Pluskat. Last Thursday, Biden warned supporters that the Republicans have made clear “they’re gonna impeach me.” When Biden warned that he might be impeached if voters do not stop a Republican wave, there was an audible laugh which prompted the President to added “No, I’m not joking.”

While Biden may or may not be the subject of an impeachment, a Republican-controlled House has plenty to investigate, and impeachment is unlikely his greatest fear.

Here are the top three concerns, and there is every indication that Biden is wise to be worried.

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