First VW . . . Now Toyota, by Eric Peters

Toyota becomes the next victim of the jihad against diesel (strong competitor to electric). From Eric Peters at

There is a war going on – against the diesel engine. It is being waged, not because the diesel engine is a “threat” to the “climate.” It is being waged because the diesel engine is a threat – to the electric car. The forces pushing the latter use the manufactured “threat” of a “climate crisis” to attack the diesel engine (and also diesel fuel) precisely because it is a threat  . . . to them and their agenda.

It is why VW was attacked with unprecedented viciousness six years ago. It was not because VW “cheated” on government emissions certification tests. In italics to distinguish between those tests and the tailpipe emissions tests most people are familiar with. The “affected” VWs – as they were styled – passed the latter tests with no problem. Hundreds of thousands of them. How unclean could they have been to have been to have been able to pass those tests?

The answer, of course, is that they were – as VW advertised – very “clean.”

No unclean car could “get away” with “cheating” in any meaningful way and not be detected by those tests. It took a very fine-toothed comb  to “catch” VW’s “cheating” – on the certification tests. Which test the engine under a wider range of operating conditions, such as wide-open throttle/under load. VW’s sin – revealed to the public with you-don’t-care-whether-granny-dies hysterics (note the common thread here) was that it had programmed the engine management system of its TDI diesel engines in such a way as to pass those portions of the test – wide-open throttle/load conditions – where the engines’ emissions would otherwise have been momentarily and just slightly higher.

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