On Vooooooooting . . . by Eric Peters

There are a lot of people who are just going to say they’re done with voting, after this last fraud. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos:

One of the ways the sheep baaaaa! is via the ballot box – as the results of the latest balloting have established.

Or rather, re-confirmed.

 Voooooooooote if you want things to chaaaaaaaangebaaaaaaa’d the sheep. And the sheep (me among them) got just what they vooooooooted for. That being more of the same.

As of this morning, almost a week after the vooooooting – the results are cooooooooming in. In favor of the result many of us knew was coming but went ahead and voooooooooooted anyhow, holding onto the thought that – just maybe – this time it would  make a diiiiiiiiiiiference.

Of course, it did not.

In our faces – again.

Laxalt appears to have lost to Cortez, after new voooooooooooooooootes were counted, almost a week after the balloting ended. This tips the balance of the Senate, which is apt to be tilted further when the Right Reverend Raphael Warnock receives more voooooooootes than Herschel Walker. It is entirely possible the same will happen to Kari Lake, given who counts the ballots in Arizona.

So what is the point of all this voooooooting, if it isn’t baaaaaaaa’ing? 

By voooooooooting for what never wins are we not demonstrating that we are, in fact, sheep?

Perhaps the time has come to jump the fence and leave the pen. By no longer bothering with this embarrassing servility ritual called “voting.” For one of two things must be true. Either a voting majority of the country did, in fact, vote for creatures such as Fetterman in PA, Hochul in New York, Whitmer in Michigan – and so on – in which case, the majority of the voters in this country want creatures such as that to wield power – and not only over them but over you and I, as well. In which case, there is no longer any hope, electorally, for redress and we who did not for vote for these creatures must either accept it or be prepared to fight it (and not via the ballot box).

Or, the ballot box is so stuffed as to amount to the same thing.

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