Economic Common Sense, by Laurence M. Vance

Thomas DiLorenzo has been prolifically challenging the conventional wisdom on many totems for many years. Laurence M. Vance reviews his latest book at

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Economics, by Thomas J. DiLorenzo, Washington, D.C.: Regnery Publishing, 2022, 242 pages, paperback.

Counting this book, there are 31 books in the Politically Incorrect Guides series published by Regnery. I have read or at least looked through most of the books in this series. Although all of the books are not equal in importance or value, I would only consider one of them to be a bad book (the volume on The Vietnam War). Some of the books are very well done, such as the two by Robert P. Murphy (Capitalism and The Great Depression and the New Deal), the two by Brian McClanahan (The Founding Fathers and Real American Heroes), the book on The Constitution by Kevin R.C. Gutzman, and the first book in the series on American History, by Thomas E. Woods.

Thomas J. DiLorenzo is a senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, a prominent and frequent speaker at Mises Institute events, and former professor of economics at Loyola University Maryland, where he is now professor emeritus. To say that DiLorenzo is a prolific writer is an understatement. Not only has he written hundreds of popular articles for and many scholarly articles for academic journals, he is also widely published in national media outlets such as The Wall Street JournalUSA TodayThe Washington PostBarron’s, and many other publications. He is the author or co-author of many books, including Hamilton’s CurseThe Problem with Socialism, and How Capitalism Saved America: The Untold History of Our Country, from the Pilgrims to the Present. He is probably best known for his three critical books on Abraham Lincoln. DiLorenzo is eminently qualified to write The Politically Incorrect Guide to Economics. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from Virginia Tech, has written widely on economics, and taught university economics for 41 years.

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