As Predicted . . . by Eric Peters

Katie Hobbs, as secretary of state of Arizona, had control of the election machinery, and surprise, surprise, she won election as governor. From Eric Peters at

Katie Hobbs has been selected as the new governor of Arizona. As anyone not high on Hopium could have predicted before the selection was held.

There is a wonderful scene in the wonderful movie (wonderful, because it involves a thoughtful story and talented acting rather than a 60 minute sequence of CGI karate fights) Rob Roy, about a Scottish clan leader who has dealings with a disreputable Scottish lord played, interestingly enough, by John Hurt (who played Winston Smith in the movie adaptation of Orwell’s 1984). In this movie, Hurt – playing the Scottish lord – engages in a dialogue with his henchman Archie (played by Tim Roth) who thinks he is clever enough to fool the lord about his shady dealings.

“Something is here that I do not see,” the lord muses. “Killern (another flunkie) and you have a hand in some matters that is hid from sight…. you are in cash yet I know you are without means… ”

Roth’s character, the insolent villain Archie, responds oilily with “the cards favored.” Which prompts the lord, played brilliantly by Hurt, to explode, “Do you take me entirely for a whig, sir?”

Meaning, an imbecile.

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