Governor DeSantis, Ban The Jab! By Dr. Joseph Sansone

Every day brings new evidence that the Covid vaccines are not just ineffective, they’re dangerous. From Dr. Joseph Sansone at

An Open Letter To Governor DeSantis and Surgeon General Dr. Ladapo

Dear Governor DeSantis and Surgeon General Dr. Ladapo,

You must act decisively and prohibit Covid gene therapy shots and mRNA injections in the state of Florida. The clinical data from February 28th of 2021 appear to have demonstrated that Covid shots were both, ineffective at stopping transmission, while at the same time posing a risk to those receiving Covid shots and those around them. Pfizer’s data revealed that ingredients of the shots could be transmitted via respiratory and skin contact and even posed a risk to pregnant women having a miscarriage after having skin contact with a recently injected person. There were over 42,000 adverse cases and 158,000 adverse incidents, 1223 deaths, and over 1000 side effects during this clinical trial. Although, the study claims the deaths are not due to Covid shots, time has certainly increased suspicion on the validity of that claim. This information that Covid shots were unsafe and ineffective was available to government agencies and withheld from the public. This constitutes fraud on the part of the federal government.

As governor and surgeon general you have a fiduciary responsibility to protect the public from dangerous biological agents. The ingredients of these shots are unknown and kept secret. However, physicians and researchers from around the world have reported what appears to be self assembling nano particles apparently utilizing artificial intelligence and computer circuitry, and unknown materials in these shots.

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