Extinction Rebellion Activists Have Worn Out Their Welcome And The Public Is Angry, by Tyler Durden

It doesn’t help Extinction Rebellion that their case for global warming is weak to nonexistent. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

When does activism for a cause turn into a narcissistic agenda for attention and self gratification? There’s a fine line, and the Extinction Rebellion movement has surely crossed it with their incessant and self-indulgent drama.

This week, motorists in France were greeted with yet another Extinction group trying to glue themselves to the pavement of a major thoroughfare to block traffic in the name of stopping climate change. However, this time drivers did not simply sit around waiting for the police to arrive; instead, they began dragging the activists off the road by force.

This incident is part of a growing frustration among normal people in response to climate cultism, with the Extinction Rebellion movement making up the bulk of the worst events. In the past several months there have been an increasing number of traffic disruptions and acts of vandalism. The most prominent actions include the attempted destruction of major works of art in national museums, many of them painted centuries before carbon “pollution” was an issue.

This too has prompted museums to become more aggressive in stopping activists from using vandalism as a means to get attention.

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