Sand in the Gas Tank, by Todd Hayen

If you’re trying to kill off a large portion of the human race, do you want a quick kill or something that works over a much longer time frame? From Todd Hayen at

Everyone knows if you pour sand in a car’s gas tank it will eventually destroy the engine. It will get all clogged up and fail to function. Kaput. Nice metaphor for what is happening these days with the vaccine, eh?

Now, I don’t want to be accused of being a fear monger, but they started it. So let’s just sit around the campfire with a few marshmallows on sticks and tell some horror stories before going to bed.

What if…

What if Henry Kissinger, the builders of the Georgia Guidestones (which no longer exist), Bill Gates, Father Schwab, and a few others who have mentioned such unmentionables such as the planet would be much better off with fewer people, were right? And let’s just imagine that “whomever” these people are, decided to implement such a plan?

One clever idea would be to invent a virus that was just barely dangerous enough to ensure that it would be relatively easy to send the masses into a panic.

Then have them begging for a medical solution to destroy the greatly feared boogieman who is hell-bent on killing half the population.

Then, let’s say, these same inventors of the “virus” cooked up a bogus cure in the form of a miracle vaccine and set out with a fear campaign to coerce every living soul to get jabbed. All in an effort to save their lives (not to mention saving the lives of all their friends and relatives).

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