Just Can’t Wait For The New Year

mcconnell biden ukraine send more money christmas

elton john leaving twitter because of rocket man musk

covid amnestry sorry drying tears cash



biggest story suppression of story this also biden




twitter advertisers porn draw lone people speak freely

politicians reading details trillion dollar bills 600 venmo transaction yes no

survival tip lost in woords build shelter tax collector

matrix red pill everybody get one bad news some suppository

gun grandma not getting run over by reindeer this year

santa list memes dhs nsa fbi

2nd amendment i got your back 1st constitution

sober world cup visitors soccer is boring

tweet two people relationship travel passes reservations where

flu shots walgreens liquor vodka whiskey

recipe reduce wine by half

empty wrapping tube christmas bonk head adult

h/t The Burning Platform


One response to “Just Can’t Wait For The New Year

  1. Reality 2023.
    Undefeated and will WIN again.


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