The War for Eight Billion Minds, by J.B. Shurk

Governments are becoming increasingly paranoid. They have good reason to fear their citizens, and so they’re trying to both feed them propaganda while shutting off alternatives. From J.B. Shurk at

  • This is a new kind of war against civilians for control of their minds.

  • Governments are relying increasingly on controlling public “narratives” and vilifying dissent.

  • [F]or all the harms their actions have caused, governments have issued no apologies for enforcing such life-altering policies while silencing critics. It is as if “narrative engineers” have adopted an official position that they are incapable of being wrong.

  • The more nervous about the future policymakers are, the more committed they seem to enforcing a standard “narrative” they can control.

  • In an age when information has never been more easily accessible, the world is awash in lies.

  • A citizen either accepts Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” as “Russian disinformation,” or that person is labeled a “Russian sympathizer.” Daring to say otherwise could get one banned from social media, professionally sanctioned, or even fired from a job. Except none of these established “narratives” has proved true.

  • In each case, the “narrative” proved to be either misleading propaganda or an outright lie. Yet they were created and sustained by online communication platforms that pushed the lies and excluded the truths.

  • As global events increasingly threaten Western stability, governments have demonstrated no inclination to entertain a diversity of viewpoints or discussions along the way. Instead, the more serious the issue, the more committed to a single, overarching “narrative” they seem to become.

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