our covid model says “X saves lives”, by el gato malo

How approved “Science” works, and how the mainstream media purveys it. From el gato malo at boriquagato.substack.com:

passing off a model as evidence is tantamount to lying

it’s honestly both jarring and disheartening that even at this stage of the game the same shabby tricks keep getting trotted out to try to make the abject failures of covid vaccines appear to be victories.

they have slanted data, rigged studies, used mice to stand for people and biomarkers to stand for clinical efficacy. truly, the whole panoply of prevarication has been deployed to try to cover for the basic fact that these products barely worked when they were launched, likely only ever had positive risk reward in extremely high risk people, and given their leaky/non-sterilizing nature were always going to rapidly drive viral escape and viral advantaging as hoskins effect/OAS set in.

this not only inverted efficacy but likely has large negative societal effects overall. i doubt you could make a case for these “vaccines” in even the highest of high risk categories anymore. they’re pretty much all negative net value on risk/reward for pretty much everyone.

and this would seem to be why they are no longer even trying. why seek data when you can simply conjure efficacy by going back to that most egregious of fabulism follies: completely making stuff up?

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