The Hope of Fusion vs the Pomp of Politicians and Climate Activists

Science, or blowhard politicians? The choice is pretty simply when people are allowed to make it. From Mish Shedlock at

If there is a climate problem, science will find the answer, not politicians or activists.
192 laser beams

There was an interesting trio of articles in the Wall Street Journal this week with seemingly conflicting messages.

Hold the Nuclear Fusion Hype

Headline Number One: Hold the Nuclear Fusion Hype

The breakthrough is exciting but its practical use as an energy source may be decades away.

What the experiment proved is that scientists can recreate the physical reactions in stars. But scaling the technology and making it commercially viable by most scientists’ accounts will likely take another few decades.

How Fusion Works and Why It’s a Breakthrough

Headline Number Two: How Fusion Works and Why It’s a Breakthrough

The Energy Department has announced the first gain in energy from fusion in a laboratory—the first time fusion reactions produced more energy than it took to induce them. Last week 192 laser beams at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory’s National Ignition Facility heated and compressed a capsule of hydrogen to previously unattainable temperatures and pressures, igniting fusion reactions that produced 50% more energy than the laser beams had delivered.

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