I, Santos, Bill Bonner

George Santos’s lies are small change compared to the whoppers that pass without comment every day in Washington. From Bill Bonner at bonnerprivateresearch.substack.com:

Bill Bonner, reckoning today from Youghal, Ireland…

I, Santos.

As every sentient biped now knows, Mr. George Santos lied to get himself elected to Congress. The poor man is now the butt of jokes for standup comics all over the country. He provides the Democrats with evidence – if any more were needed – that Republicans can’t be trusted….while distracting the public from their own agenda, which is ruining the country.

But here at Bonner Private Research, we judge not. We just keep our eyes and ears open. We don’t really care about George Santos, but we’re very curious about the system of government that selects a low-life hustler like him as a decider.  In the interest of understanding better how our democracy really works, we let him explain himself:

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