No Trucks For You . . . , by Eric Peters

California is confronting truckers with a choice that may force them out of California or out of business. From Eric Peters at

One of the new things the New Year just ushered in is a ban – in California – of the use of any heavy truck (or bus) made before 2010 on public roads in California. This includes out-of-state trucks attempting to deliver – or pick up for delivery – goods in California, which will mean higher costs for the rest of the country as much of what comes into the rest of the country comes through California first, after having arrived via sea at California ports.

So, what has just happened – it went into effect yesterday, January 1 – is that California’s bureaucrats, whom no one in the rest of the country voted for or over whom the rest of the country has any electoral control over – have just-like-that assured we’ll all be paying more for what Californians voted for.

“When we passed the regulations in 2008, it was to reduce community exposure of toxic air contaminants, it is 100% to protect public health,” said Gerald Berumen, one of the California bureaucrats whose reach extends nationally. 

The assertion made by Berumen is of a piece with most assertions made by his fellow government bureaucrats – such as those that asserted “masks work” and that Big Pharma’s drugs are “safe and effective.”

How much this is going to cost all of us is not easy to quantify but some idea can be conjured via extrapolating what it will cost truckers and trucking companies to throw away hundreds of thousands of dollars each of perfectly sound machinery and “invest” in new – compliant-for-now machinery that will also be forced off the roads and onto the scrap pile by the next bureaucratic decree, the one that will disallow the sale or use of any rig that isn’t electric from operating on California’s roads.

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