Is the New World Order on the Precipice? By Madame Lafarge

Madame Lafarge may be too dismissive of China, but she’s got an optimistic take on the shaky prospects of the New World Order crowd. From Madame Lafarge at

The New World Order nobility may be receiving more roadblocks for their plans than they had anticipated. The entire scam is based on the ignorance and complacence of the great mass of people in the western based economies. Control of the West is essential for world domination. We are the source of wealth and innovation which makes it imperative. The new platform has begun to get rickety with energy problems, war and civil strife bubbling to the surface.

China is believed to be a huge source of economic and political power but actually without the West being a customer, China is a backwater without technology, markets, energy and foodstuffs. The government is unstable as shown in the past few weeks with the new attempted lockdowns. Their food shortages of the past two years are not mentioned by the simpletons of the media but contribute to general instability. The Chinese are a huge unknown to our “intellectual elite” whether they realize it or not. Control of the sluggish population of Chinese is an easy task compared to Europe and North American farmers but all are now stirring.

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