Will universities ever admit they were wrong about COVID policy? by Matthew G. Andersson

Ego, conformity, and cover your ass are powerful forces in the academy. From Matthew G. Andersson at americanthinker.com:

Former White House adviser Dr. Scott Atlas, the Robert Wesson Senior Fellow in health policy at Stanford University’s Hoover Institute, wrote an excellent essay recently in the Wall Street Journal.  In it, he raises a vital question for all students, parents, faculty, and the broader public, as to how our nation’s university system became, along with major media, the most aggressive proponent and distributor of medical ideology and biosecurity policy.  University behavior continues to be directed by the CDC and WHO, and it appears that university administration will continue its commitment to a consensus posture toward the COVID phenomenon, until another institution that it considers authoritative tells it otherwise.  That is not likely to happen.

Academia will never account for its misguided COVID policies, and it will never back out of its commitment to consensus explanations or opportunities.  Indeed, these people will help accelerate the entire COVID complex.  COVID is a new social engineering program, and universities will make biosecurity, including molecular engineering and tracking technology, into a permanent research activity that is worth billions per year in funding and commercialization.  The link connecting business, government, and higher education has never been stronger, while China-style social credit scoring, based in part on medical and ideological compliance, is considered by the current White House administration a necessary part of the political agenda.

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One response to “Will universities ever admit they were wrong about COVID policy? by Matthew G. Andersson

  1. Shop Smart Shop S-Mart

    I take all my med advice from ideologues in Marxist ivory towers who haven’t even been around the block a few times.
    One day the EDU will get its wish of destroying America, sadly they have no ability to create anything.


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