if you don’t like the data, stop reporting it? ONS edition, by el gato malo

When data is suppressed or eliminated, that’s not science we can trust. It’s not science at all. From el gato malo at boriquagato.com:

the ostensible purpose of public agencies is to serve the public.

but how is the public served by selective data use and outright data suppression?

it’s enough to make one wonder about precisely for whom these purported public servants work. the CDC took its system offline for months in the middle of what remains a “declared emergency” to do an “update.” i struggle to see the sound or needful basis for so doing.

the ONS in the UK has been playing many of the same games and engaging in quite a lot of “hide the ball” besides. that said, they are still the only agency i know of that was reporting covid and all cause deaths by detailed vaccine status that allowed us to see not just the bayesian rig job of only counting “full vaccinated +14-21 days” and so i continue to focus on their data for despite all the apparent issues, definitions of covid death, and seeming undercounting of the unvaccinated (many of which have been so ably laid out by gatopals™ norman fenton and martin neil, see footnotes 6-11 HERE) it allows for some analyses that no other sets do.

my goal is so doing is to show that even when accepting this slanted playing field and steel-manning the case for vaccine efficacy on all cause mortality, they still fail badly. whether vaccines ever worked in this regard could be debated, but if ever they did, they certainly do not appear to anymore and that trend looked to be worsening in may of 2022 when the ONS (yet again) terminated a data series where the problems with the jabs were getting too bad to hide.

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