EXCLUSIVE: Pfizer’s secret guide for how to make a vaccine “safe and effective”, by Steve Kirsch

Appalling, but it sure looks like the playbook for the last three years. From Steve Kirsch at stevekirsch.substack.com;

It is so easy. Here’s how they did it.

Get Vaccinated | COVID-19: Nebraska Responds | Nebraska

Here’s Pfizer’s secret playbook for how to make a “safe and effective” vaccine:

  1. Require full liability protection
  2. Contracts require that the government isn’t allowed to reveal any adverse safety information without Pfizer’s express consent
  3. Get the US government to agree that there will not be any ICD10 codes for:
    1. Death of a fully vaxxed person from COVID
    2. Death from the COVID vaccine
    3. Injury from the COVID vaccine
  4. Avoid debating anyone who figures out the truth

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