CIA Chief Warns Zelensky of Assassination (…by the CIA), by Finian Cunningham

Is it time for another American instigated regime change in Ukraine? From Finian Cunningham at

Zelensky would have been told, “Regrettably, we may not be able to protect you”, Finian Cunningham writes.

So CIA boss William Burns made a secret trip to Kiev in January last year to warn Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky that his life was in danger from assassination. The clandestine meeting occurred only weeks before Russia launched its military operation in Ukraine.

A new book that appears to have plenty of insider help from U.S. intelligence sources claims that Burns was sent on President Joe Biden’s orders to deliver a “reality check” to Zelensky.

Western news media are gullibly spinning the claim that Burns warned Zelensky that the Russians were plotting to kill him. The impact of the top secret briefing was said to have had a “sobering effect” on the man in Kiev. In less polite terms, he crapped in his pants.

Some questions arise, however, which the Western media as usual do not ask. Why was it deemed necessary for Burns to make a long and secret flight to Kiev to tell Zelensky of a purported Russian assassination threat? Why couldn’t the CIA director have briefed the Ukrainian leader about the danger in a phone call with a secure line? That Burns had to meet Zelensky in person suggests that the American spymaster wanted to convey another, unreported message, a message that only Zelensky would hear and one that could not be taped at any cost.

If the Russians wanted to kill Zelensky surely they would have done it by now during nearly 11 months of bloody conflict and given the evident capability of Russian missiles to hit anywhere in Ukraine?

Incongruously, the Ukrainian politician seems to be at ease in traveling around the country. Only last month he visited the frontline at Bakhmut where he obtained a battle flag from his troops that he then took a day later to Washington for a made-for-television presentation to Congress.

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3 responses to “CIA Chief Warns Zelensky of Assassination (…by the CIA), by Finian Cunningham

  1. Under Satan's Authority

    When you make deals with the devil, you have to pay the price.


  2. the end of zelensky (small letter intended for this very small man) has been broadcast. his time is limited. the cia will kill him at the slightest balking to any directives the comedian is given by his handlers in the district of cesspools.


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