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The West’s ‘Endgame’ Might Be Nearer Than We Think in Ukraine. Tick Tock, by Martin Jay

The West is not going to be able to salvage anything that can be plausibly termed “victory” from the Ukraine fiasco. From Martin Jay at strategic-culture.org:

It seems that Joe Biden is now ready now to turn on Zelensky, as indeed are the British who are already calling for peace with Putin.

There was never actually a special relationship between Zelensky and Washington, more a marriage of convenience. But it seems that Joe Biden is now ready now to turn on him, as indeed are the British who are already calling for peace with Putin

One of the questions I’m often asked is what are my views of the Ukrainian president Zelensky. I always reply that despite holding impressive degrees and speaking languages, that his role has always been for the West as a ‘useful idiot’. My view, unsubstantiated I admit, is that the Americans probably wanted a substitute candidate in the wings, just in case Poroshenko didn’t deliver the goods once eased into office with a little help from U.S. meddling in 2014. Zelensky had the perfect credentials as the media figure to fill the gap of a populist leader which Joe Biden’s cabal of goons guessed (correctly) that the Ukrainians would yearn for. He ticked all the boxes.

But has that popularity both with his own people and with the West expired?

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Ukraine Belatedly Admits ‘Heavy Casualty Rate’ In Appeal For More Weapons From West,by Tyler Durden

Does Ukraine need more weapons because it’s losing or winning its war with Russia. You sure don’t get a straight answer from Ukraine’s government, particularly Zelensky. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

Ukraine’s government has thus far kept its military death toll a tightly guarded secret, now four months into the conflict, even as heavy international scrutiny has focused on Russian losses amid prior widespread speculation and assertions that Russia was “losing”.

However, there’s been a noticeable shift in Western media and among the national security pundit class over the past weeks as Russian forces begin to solidify hold over nearly all the Donbas, and as the final Luhansk holdout city of Severodonetsk’s fall looks imminent.

With this backdrop, Mykhaylo Podolyak – a senior advisor to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky – admitted Thursday that Ukraine is losing between 100 and 200 troops per day amid the Russian onslaught. The figure is significantly revised upward compared to President Zelensky only last week offering a loss estimate of between 60 and 100 troops each day.

Image source: The New York Times

After seeking to hide or downplay information which could give the appearance of sever Ukrainian losses and battlefield setbacks, it seems taking daily average casualties public is geared toward getting more arms from the West.

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Zelensky Finally Speaks The Truth, by Raúl Ilargi Meijer

It’s telling that Zelensky would link the two biggest set of lies that currently pollute the media: Covid and Ukraine. From Raúl Ilargi Meijer at theautomaticearth.com:

It’s pretty amazing, but finally Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskiy has said something that is actually true. Not because he intended to, but hey, beggars are choosers. Zelensk(i)y(y) today compared western weapons and sanctions to Covid vaccines. A tad late, for sure, given the vaccine fatigue, but then his audience are not the smartest sheep in the herd.

But he is so right it’s impossible to let this slip. Because any additional weapons delivered to Ukraine will have the exact same effects that the Covid vaccines have had. That is, they will kill more people and end more lives, than no vaccines and no weapons could ever have done.

A unintended brilliant insight from a murderous clown. There are actually Ukraine voices claiming that with enough weapons, they could take/retake Sievierodonetsk and other places in 2-3 days. I wish I was kidding you. They want you to ignore Russia’s warning that for them this is an existential issue, and to think Putin is just a madman looking for Lebensraum.

That way Raytheon et al can keep on adding up profits, and no Americans or British or Germans will die, so it all looks good in the media.

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Volodymyr Zelensky’s Comedy Coup Will Be the Unraveling of Ukraine and the World, by Robert Bridge

It’s appropriate that the West’s proxy war against Russia is nominally led by a clown. From Robert Bridge at strategic-culture.org:

When the critical moment called for a true statesman, Ukraine has given the world a comedian, and that has made all the difference.

It’s no coincidence that the Ukrainian showman finds himself presiding over 44 million souls at this critical juncture in world history. Kiev’s Western handlers supported this comedian precisely because – not despite – tensions with Russia were ratcheting up over the Donbass.

The fine line that separates the world of entertainment from 3D reality has been blurred to the point of irrelevancy. That much has been proven by the rise of the comedian-actor Volodymyr Zelensky to the top of Ukraine’s fetid political heap.

To be clear, such things do not happen on a whim in a country where the US government, not to mention international provocateurs like George Soros, spends billions of dollars annually to keep Kiev in a state of perpetual servitude. The reality is that Zelensky, 44, has been groomed and stage-managed for the biggest role of his life for a long time.

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Servant of the Corrupt, by Pedro Gonzales

This is great inside information on the corrupt clown to whom the U.S. is sending billions of dollars. From Pedro Gonzales at im1776.com:

In February 2021, by order of President Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine shut down three domestic television channels, accusing them of spreading Russian “propaganda.” Three months later, Zelenksky arrested Viktor Medvedchuk, who was at the time leading the second-biggest party in Ukraine’s national parliament, the pro-Russia and Eurosceptic Opposition Platform for Life (OPZZh).

Zelensky didn’t have trouble incinerating vaunted democratic norms well-before Russia crossed the Rubicon into Ukraine this year. So it was no surprise when he did it again amid the war in late March, invoking emergency powers under martial law to nationalize TV channels and ban 11 opposition parties, including OPZZh — all supposedly done in the name of combatting Russian misinformation and Russian sympathizers, even though OPZZh’s then-chairman, Yuriy Boyko, denounced the war and called for a ceasefire and the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. Zelensky, however, wouldn’t miss another opportunity to clip the wings of political opposition in his country, certainly not now that Western media rationalizes and glorifies his every move.

But the portrait of the Ukraine President as a democratic paragon whitewashes the real Zelensky and conceals a vast web of corruption and international skullduggery of which Ukraine is situated in the centre. Understanding the real Zelensky, requires seeing him as a creation of Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky. He is, in truth, a puppet of intrigue.

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The Washington GOP: War-Besotted Sucklers on the Public Teat, by David Stockman

The only difference between Washington Democrats and Republicans is the former slightly favor the welfare state but have no problem with the warfare state and the latter slightly favor the warfare state but have no problem with the welfare state. From David Stockman at antiwar.com:

What’s wrong with these people?!

We are referring, of course, to Mitch McConnell & Co’s ostentatious visit to Kiev this weekend.

With the sad-sack Senate Republican leadership in tow, the bejowled political hack who leads the ostensible “opposition” party provided still another unwarranted boost to the dangerous megalomaniac pictured at the center of the photo below.

The fact is, Zelensky would rather shame the west into precipitating WWIII than own up to the fact that the aggressive anti-Russian actions of his own government fostered the calamity that now besets his country. Those foolish actions include his pledges to forcibly take back Crimea, join NATO, and re-acquire nukes – along with the launch, before Russia’s February 24th invasion, of an all-out offensive against the Russian-speakers of the Donbas.

So let us repair to the fundamentals. To wit, the intramural conflict between Russians and Ukrainians in the historic borderlands of Russia has no bearing whatsoever on the liberty and security of the American homeland. Yet here was the GOP leadership pledging America’s unstinting support in treasure, if not blood, for a regime in Kiev that is only slightly less corrupt and authoritarian than Putin’s strongman kleptocracy in Moscow.

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“One less traitor”: Zelensky oversees campaign of assassination, kidnapping and torture of political opposition, by Max Blumenthal and Esha Krishnaswamy

Ukrainians commit atrocities? That’s crazy talk. Except it looks like they do indeed, instigated by Zelensky. From Max Blumenthal and Esha Kirshnaswamy at thegrayzone.com:

Above: The torture of left-wing activist Alexander Matjuschenko on March 3 in Dnipro, recorded by Azov members. Below: President Volodymyr Zelensky poses during a media engagement.

While claiming to defend democracy, Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky has outlawed his opposition, ordered his rivals’ arrest, and presided over the disappearance and assassination of dissidents across the country.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has framed his country’s war against Russia as a battle for democracy itself. In a carefully choreographed address to US Congress on March 16, Zelensky stated, “Right now, the destiny of our country is being decided. The destiny of our people, whether Ukrainians will be free, whether they will be able to preserve their democracy.”

US corporate media has responded by showering Zelensky with fawning press, driving a campaign for his nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize and inspiring a flamboyant musical tribute to himself and the Ukrainian military during the 2022 Grammy awards ceremony on April 3.

Why Zelensky’s dream of Ukraine becoming ‘big Israel’ makes Moscow nervous, by Jonathan Cook

Would Russians in Ukraine be treated like Palestinians in Israel? From Jonathan Cook at middleeasteye.net:

The Ukrainian president’s comparison bolsters Moscow’s claim that Kyiv is intent on a programme of violent ‘de-Russification’
Demonstrators gather at Habima Square in the centre of Tel Aviv on 20 March 2022 to watch a televised video address by Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky to the Israeli Knesset (AFP)
Demonstrators gather at Habima Square in the centre of Tel Aviv to watch a televised video address by Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky to Israel’s Knesset, on 20 March 2022 (AFP)

The Israeli government has been trying to keep as low a profile as possible over the war in Ukraine, but Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, seems determined to drag Israel on to centre stage.

Zelensky made a direct appeal to the Israeli parliament last month, ostensibly asking for weapons, especially the Iron Dome interception system Israel uses to stop short-range rockets fired out of Gaza by Palestinians trying to draw attention to Israel’s 15-year siege of the enclave.

But rather than being flattered by the attention, many Israeli politicians objected to Zelensky’s speech. In it, he compared Russia’s treatment of Ukraine to the Nazis’ “Final Solution” for European Jews.

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Team Zelensky Overplays Hand By Humiliating Germany, by Finian Cunningham

Has Zelensky let all the attention and media exposure go to his head? From Finian Cunningham at strategic-culture.org:

Zelensky and his handlers want the whole of Europe to drive over the abyss. But the talented Mr Zelensky is pushing the script beyond acceptable limits when he starts slapping Berlin around.

Team Zelensky has been playing a deft, if cloyingly confected, game up to now. The Ukrainian president has found time in his busy wartime schedule to address over 17 parliaments around the world in recent weeks, each time with a speech tailor-made to push specific cultural emotive buttons.

In addition to artful speechwriting, he is apparently on the phone with world leaders on a daily basis recounting alleged horrors committed by Russian troops and hectoring for more weapons to be sent to Ukraine and for more draconian sanctions to be slapped on Moscow. He also finds time to address Hollywood audiences with tear-jerking speeches. Let’s just say this guy is way too busy for it to be a solo production.

Team Zelenksy: one must conclude that there is more to President Vladimir Zelensky than meets the eye. Reports of multibillion-dollar offshore accounts in the Caribbean are another indicator.

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Siding with Ukraine’s far-right, US sabotaged Zelensky’s historic mandate for peace, by Aaron Maté

Ukraine’s Zelensky won his election by promising to end Ukraine’s war against Russian-speaking separatists in Eastern Ukraine. The U.S. and Ukraine’s Nazis put the kabosh on that. From Aaron Maté at mate.substack.com:

In 2019, Zelensky was elected on an overwhelming mandate to make peace with Russia. As Stephen F. Cohen warned that year, the US chose to side with Ukraine’s far-right and fuel war.

Zelensky in his May 2019 inaugural address. (President.gov.ua)

On a warm October day in 2019, the eminent Russia studies professor Stephen F. Cohen and I sat down in Manhattan for what would be our last in-person interview (Cohen passed away in September 2020 at the age of 81).

The House was gearing up to impeach Donald Trump for freezing weapons shipments to Ukraine while pressuring its government to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter. The Beltway media was consumed with frenzy of a presidency in peril. But Professor Cohen, one of the leading Russia scholars in the United States, was concerned with what the impeachment spectacle in Washington meant for the long-running war between the US-backed Ukrainian government and Russian-backed rebels in the Donbas.

At that point, Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky was just months into an upstart presidency that he had won on a pledge to end the Donbas conflict. Instead of supporting the Ukrainian leader’s peace mandate, Democrats in Congress were impeaching Trump for briefly impeding the flow of weapons that fueled the fight. As his Democratic allies now like to forget, President Obama refused to send these same weapons out of fear of prolonging the war and arming Nazis. By abandoning Obama’s policy, the Democrats, Cohen warned, threaten to sabotage peace and strengthen Ukraine’s far-right.

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