Trench Warfare as Precursor to Peace, or a US Regime Change? By Karen Kwiatkowski

Maybe it will take a President Kamala Harris to sue for peace in Ukraine. From Karen Kwiatkowski at

I believe the Ukraine situation will be post-war sometime in 2023.  This contradicts the recent words of the NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg and last year’s statements by US CJCS General Mark Milley.

The recent Judge Napolitano interview with Scott Ritter is invaluable. Ritter, who has studied this situation in depth, and US warfighting and war-making for decades, explains that the war should be finished as early as August 2023.  Interestingly, he notes that both Zelensky and General Zaluzhnyi have made similar projections.

Ritter mentions things that we don’t often hear in US media, although given the US military is missing its recruitment targets, year after year – we certainly should. He refers to Ukrainian video, like this one, of policemen chasing down men in the street to “recruit” them to a deadly and unpopular front.

US spokespeople do seem to recognize is that the situation has settled into a kind of trench warfare, mutual defense of lines and territory already held.  There is no substantial eastern movement possible by the Ukrainian side, and similar lack of western movement forward by the Russian side. The lines roughly match the ethno-linguistic dividing line of what was the Ukrainian land mass.

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