Letter to the Stanford Daily, by Margaret Anna Alice

Why are some universities persisting with vaccine mandates? From Margaret Anna Alice at margaretannaalice.substack.com:

Below is the gargantuan version of an op-ed I drafted for Steve Kirsch a while back. He gave me some notes, his proposed strategy, and several studies he wanted to include. I then wrote the Mother-of-All-Anti-Mandate Letters, which turned out to be five times longer than he wanted 😆 I created a condensed version for him to submit (which he will be further cutting and rewriting), and Steve gave me the go-ahead to publish the long version here first.
I have written this in Steve’s voice, so the “I” refers to Steve. I will be creating a generic version in my voice (which turns out to be remarkably similar to Steve’s 😉 that you can use to fight mandates at colleges, universities, and other institutions as needed. It may take me a bit to finish that as I am working on multiple time-sensitive projects and I’ve collected a number of new compelling pieces of evidence I’d like to add, but I thought you’d enjoy reading the Stanford version in the meantime.

Optical Illusion Architectural Columns; Stanford Daily Op-Ed

“Not to know is bad. Not to wish to know is worse.”
—African proverb

I can’t figure out why Stanford is mandating the COVID vaccine for students.

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