Bonds Die, CPI’s Lie, & Gold Flies, by Matthew Piepenburg

Even bonds have declined in price somewhat, they’re still a terrible investment. From Matthew Piepenburg at

Below we look at Gold’s rise in a backdrop of more bond destruction in the public markets and more truth destruction in the war on inflation.

No Recession Yet?

As I argued in 2022, the much-debated and pending recession was in many ways already here, despite official attempts to re-define the same.

The thousands being laid off at Google, Amazon and even Goldman Sachs in 2023, for example, can likely attest to that.

Speaking of recession, last week’s embarrassing Empire Manufacturing report of -32.9 adds more confirmation that productivity and growth are not going to save our increasingly knee-capped economy.

In fact, the manufacturing figures have not been this bad since 2008 and 2020, which, if I recall, were pretty bad vintage years for markets—”saved” only by money printing at warp speed.

This, of course, raises the ever-charged question of whether Powell will be forced to return to more desperate mouse-click money creation—i.e., “quantitative easing.”

For now, of course, the current Fed is going the other direction, “tightening” rather than “easing” reserve assets to the tune of -$95B per month into a perfect debt storm.

As we’ll see below, this lose-lose option is just one of many hidden mines lying just beneath the surface of an already limping US Treasury market.

In the meantime, the dumb just keeps getting dumber.

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