What Can We Learn From The Biggest Lies People Believed About Covid? By Brandon Smith

We learned that a lot of people will swallow damn near anything if it comes from the government. From Brandon Smith at alt-market.com:

At the very beginning of the covid event in late 2019 to early 2020 the public had little to no information on the details surrounding the outbreak in Wuhan, China and what kind of virus the world might be facing. The virus was coming to western shores and so the public had to prepare for the potential consequences.

People were supposedly dying en masse in China, but the communist country refused to give accurate data on the situation and to this day their reported covid death rate is highly suspect. After a period of uncertainty, suddenly, there was a rush by the media and by government officials to predict the worst case scenario. The WHO was calling for a SARS-like death rate of at least 3% or more – That would mean a global tally of over 240 million+ fatalities.

For those of us in the Liberty Movement, this was seen as the “big one”; the kind of event that crashes economies and leads to an authoritarian society. It almost became that…

From the very beginning certain narratives being promoted in the mainstream did not meet logical or scientific standards. It became obvious that fear was the goal, rather than safety. But in order to create fear, establishment elites and governments had to LIE BIG. Here are some of the biggest lies told to the public about the pandemic:

Wuhan Wet Market Bat Soup Ground Zero?

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2 responses to “What Can We Learn From The Biggest Lies People Believed About Covid? By Brandon Smith

  1. Zaphod Beeblebrox

    We had one of those huge Wally-Mart food processing centers go up in flames locally.
    And it was a foil Arby’s wrapper left in a break room microwave, sparks arising from hammering nails, stupid stories on enemedia that only the dull fall for.


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