An Act of Terror Against the American People, by Alexandra Bruce

The odds are that the Ohio train derailment was not “just an accident.” From Alexandra Bruce at


The film, ‘White Noise’ was released on Netflix in September of last year. It’s about a train crashing, exploding and burning toxic chemicals off into the atmosphere, creating a major health hazard for miles around, reflecting what just happened a few weeks ago in Ohio.

‘White Noise’ was even filmed in the same area, just a few miles from Ground Zero in East Palestine.

Some people will call this a coincidence. But these days, believing in coincidence can cost you your life.

And there is more. Just three months before the train wreck, the City of East Palestine began adopting the MyID™ digital bracelet system into their local emergency services.

Being touted as “The Ultimate ID System”, MyID™ is a digital ID company, dealing primarily for the medical industry, bracelets designed to make it easier for First Responders to access your medical profile in the event of an unexpected emergency.

And just a week before the crash, they began handing these bracelets out to all the residents of East Palestine.

Also, two weeks before the crash, the CDC updated their page on vinyl chloride, removing their section on how it affects children and raising the safe exposure threshold [by 1,000X].

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