Quantifying What “Electrification” Costs, by Eric Peters

It’s always a high-cost proposition when government imposes a technology rather than let the market choose what gets produced. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

How do you put a price on “electrification” – this bum’s rush to a zero-alternative future? Ask the 1,400 people at what soon won’t be Jeep’s Belvidere Assembly Plant in Illinois – who just paid for it.

With their jobs.

The Belvidere Plant is closing for good next week and those jobs are going away for good  because Jeep’s owner – the European automotive combine Stellantis – has decided to stop making Jeep Cherokees there in favor of making electric vehicles, elsewhere.

Specifically, the electric successor to the Dodge Charger sedan, which won’t have an engine come 2024. Another cost – to be paid by people who loved and bought the Charger (and the two-door Challenger) precisely because it did have an engine – a big one – and was thus an alternative to the zero-alternative future being forced on us with the same aggressive piety as “masks” and “vaccines.”

Everyone must be converted – and not by choice.

And no matter what it costs.

In this case, it may cost the town of Belvidere, IL everything – as the plant has been the town’s primary employer for the past half-century.  All of those people who won’t be working there anymore will have to find some other way to make ends meet, to pay their mortgages and feed their kids.

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