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The first essay in this series, which you can find here, was re-posted at many websites. The “comments” sections at those blogs generated some very lively discussions. So much so, that it makes sense for me to clarify my mission.

I am NOT trying to convince large numbers of people to abandon their lives ashore and adopt the full-time cruising lifestyle. Instead, my goal is to inspire those who are already living aboard their sailboats. My hope is that I can encourage them to band together with other like-minded sailors who believe that society-wrecking catastrophes might lie just below tomorrow’s horizon.

Groups of 5 to 8 boats, when properly prepared and equipped, have an excellent chance of surviving – and even flourishing – despite any emergency. There are 100s of anchorages scattered all around the world filled with self-reliant sea gypsies.

If a serious Collapse occurs, these sea-folk could be vital to humanity’s future. Their remarkable little ships combine 19th century wind propulsion with 21st century off-the-grid systems.

These include solar panels, wind generators, solar ovens, water-makers, freeze-dried foods and HAM radios. These old and new technologies, combined with the life skills and ingenuity of these sea gypsies, will allow them to withstand even the most extreme catastrophes.

In this, Part 2 of my Sea Gypsy Tribe Encyclopedia, I will discuss 3 more disasters that could bring tomorrows filled with sorrows. My firm belief is that well-prepared bands of ocean-folk can successfully sail on through to the other side.

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