Cretinous Cretins Create Crapola

democrat poker hand race gender victim hoax
sponge bob 2023 kids cages different this time democrats
friends comments section dont agree scrolling problems with you people
babylon bee dad punishes son sports illustrated swimsuit martha stewart
bernie sanders income book shield evil capitalism socialists

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there is no need for climate change protest in china because theyre already communist
mainstream media lied about everything however ukraine coverage all true
sportsfan she has been estrogen for 6 months
only ones not involved russian collusion trump and russians
me every meeting that could have been email
dog begging food trust the process

2 responses to “Cretinous Cretins Create Crapola

  1. Shop Smart Shop S-Mart

    Did the Metro UK break that paparazzi yelled MAGA at me for Halfwit Harry and Meagain Sparkle?
    Fetterman/Dylan Mulveiny 2024!
    Jojababa Googie stupid and hold my beer for the campaign slogan.
    Grampaw warned of this time when the participation trophies and Heather Has two Mommies came out, so glad I listened to the grizzled WWII USMC vet.


  2. PS-Regarding Gain-Of-Fraudci, the number 8 on its side is the symbol for infinity!


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