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Playing By The Rules, by NickelthroweR

Society is on the verge of collapse when playing by the rules is the road to ruin and violating them is the road to riches. From NickelthroweR at theburningplatform.com:

Living in California in the belly of the beast taught me that Anarchy was the opposite side of the Borg coin.

Putting a ceiling fan in your home without the proper permits and state permission will get you fined and harassed by the authorities. Shoplifting $950 per day from the local stores is perfectly fine.

Putting a tent up on a public sidewalk so as to block all foot traffic is okay but you must still pay the parking meter if YOU want to park a car for a few minutes. Failure to pay to park is a $40 fine.

Attempting to open a business in California is nothing short of a nightmare but selling whatever you want in the streets is perfectly fine and no one will bother you.

A buddy of mine was run over while out on a bike ride. He was in a coma for several months. He came out of it but suffered enough brain damage that cost him his work as a Director of Photography and lost him his wife. The man that hit him was an illegal alien and the vehicle he was driving was uninsured. The police let the guy go and the DA never prosecuted him because the guy “wasn’t in the system” and the State had no leverage.

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