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From shots to clots: considerable medical evidence of COVID vaccine-induced blood clots, by Joel S. Hirschhorn

Two things we don’t yet know about the vaccines are the extent of breakthrough infections, and whether adverse, life-threatening side effects will continue to manifest long after the vaccines’ are no longer effective. Don’t expect establishment medical authorities to keep you informed. From Joel S. Hirschhorn at lifesitenews.com:

Admittedly, people face a difficult decision on whether or not to take a COVID vaccine. So much information tells the ugly story of people who have suffered illness or death because they were not vaccinated. But Americans who have taken COVID vaccine shots and those who have refused to capitulate to the coercion and propaganda are ill-informed about blood clots, as well as about the limits of vaccines as shown by high numbers of breakthrough infections in the vaccinated.

If you only consider statistics about the number of people benefitting from vaccines versus lower numbers experiencing bad side effects, you might dismiss the negatives in favor of the positives. But there is significant uncertainty about longer-term negative vaccine impacts that may affect a lot of vaccinated people.

This article provides summaries of key, recently published research on two types of observed blood clots – microscopic and relatively large size – that merit serious attention and concern. One inevitable conclusion is that the FDA, with support from Big Media and the medical establishment, is not doing its job to ensure truly informed consent of those taking vaccine shots.

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