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The Absurdly Cruel and Unusual Punishment of College Vaccine Mandates, by Lucia Sinatra

Subject people in the prime of their lives, for whom Covid is a minor risk, to all the known and still to emerge dangers of Covid vaccines and bivalent boosters or they can’t attend the college to which they’ve earned admission and to which they’ve paid their tuition. It’s a nice introduction to the now galloping totalitarianism that’s strangling our country. From Lucia Sinatra at nocollegemandates.substack.com:

Some colleges have recently announced they will require students to get the new COVID-19 bivalent booster shot. Harvard University and Smith College are both requiring students to take the bivalent booster but not faculty and staff. Tufts is mandating the bivalent booster for everyone, and for the first time ever, mandating the flu vaccine for students only. Some University of California (UC) college websites have been updated to state that the UC vaccine policy requires all staff and students to get the bivalent vaccine but, “Compliance with the bivalent booster requirement does not yet affect employment status, access to facilities or access to services at UC Davis.” Whitman College is requiring the bivalent booster for everyone, and Wake Forest has announced it will require the bivalent booster “when it becomes available”.  For thousands of college students, this means they will be required to get a second booster dose that was approved without any human clinical trials to establish the safety and efficacy of the new formula and that was rushed through development “when we are at practically historic lows for deaths and ICU stays due to COVID.” On what basis are they requiring this young adult population to get a 2nd booster?  It feels like déjà vu, but not the good kind.

In April 2021, the director of the CDC, Rachelle Walensky, declared that because of the new vaccine, the end of the pandemic was near. As a result, over 1,000 colleges mandated the primary series vaccines. By summer of 2021, 325 of those colleges announced that students would be required to get a booster vaccine prior to returning for the start of the 2021/2022 academic year. By mid-summer, however, colleges knew that the vaccines do not prevent infection from COVID-19 nor reduce community spread. Colleges knew that young adults are at a near zero risk of severe illness and death from the virus. Yet many colleges mandated boosters anyway with the reasoning (if you want to give them that much credit) that continued vaccination was, wait for it . . . the best way to “protect our community”. There was never any data to support the claim that vaccines and boosters protect the community and there still isn’t. If you want to take a vaccine to protect yourself based on a personal risk/benefit analysis than by all means get as many as you’d like. To force vaccines on an overwhelmingly healthy young adult population in neither justified nor safe. College students were stripped of informed consent when mandates were imposed. Informed consent should never be removed except when facing the most dire of health threats, and COVID-19 is not one of them.

On August 11, 2022, the CDC updated its COVID-19 guidance. Most notable is that the CDC stated that people with previous infection have immunity from severe infection. Colleges that maintain “blanket mandates ignore critical data, such as the benefit of prior infection and the data on adverse events” per a study authored by academics from the Universities of Washington, Oxford, Toronto, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, UCSF and others. The study estimates that “per Covid-19 hospitalization prevented in previously uninfected young adults, we anticipate 18 to 98 serious adverse events, including 1.7 to 3.0 booster-associated myocarditis cases in males,” and concludes “university Covid-19 vaccine mandates are likely to cause net expected harms to young healthy adults”.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or you are so brainwashed by the vaccine propaganda, everyone knows that the vaccine manufacturers didn’t have time and the FDA didn’t require them to conduct human clinical trials. This new and novel bivalent booster vaccine was tested on 8 mice, expeditiously approved and is now being forced upon thousands of college students to remain matriculated at the college in which they are enrolled and for which they have paid.

Are these new boosters safe? We have no idea. Are they additive to the 95% population-wide immunity? Highly unlikely. There are many choice words to characterize the bivalent booster mandates, but for now, we’ll call them reckless, cruel and wildly unjustified.

Several weeks ago, No College Mandates launched our fifth letter campaign to colleges urging them to follow updated CDC guidelines that now recognize natural immunity. To date, this letter has been sent to nearly 200 colleges and more are on the way. The letter was signed by two freedom fighting organizations: No Colleges Mandates and Health Freedom Fund and five law firms: Barnes Law, LLP, Facts, Law, Truth, Justice, Health Freedom Counsel, The Mendenhall Law Group and The Mermigis Law Group, P.C. It urges colleges to immediately drop all vaccine and booster mandates or potentially expose themselves to significant legal liability.

This is how you can help. Email your college, your kid’s colleges, your grandchildren’s colleges and any other college that you support, and tell them you’ll never donate another penny, and you will only reconsider if they drop all present and future COVID-19 vaccine mandates. I did, and if we could only get some momentum around it, colleges might just start to pay attention.

Lucia Sinatra

Co-founder, No College Mandates

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