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A Message From Long View Bay, by Ray Jason

The Sea Gypsy Philosopher reconnects with that part of the past worthy of reconnection—the virtues—in a favorite watery haunt. From Ray Jason at theseagypsyphilosopher.blogspot.com:

When The Darkness shrouds my spirit, I sail off to Long View Bay. I anchor behind a massive reef that hides itself below the surface and silently tames the waves. Because there is a vast expanse of shimmering water surrounding me, it feels like I am floating in the open sea. And yet it is completely calm. This tranquility soothes my soul. This long view sharpens my perception.

There is also powerful symbolism in this place. The dominant feature of our planet is its … wetness. This is what distinguishes us from the innumerable dry and lifeless stars gliding above us. Our Wide Waters are elemental. And so I have come here to ponder things that are … fundamental.

My belief is that the incessant Cacophony of Lunacy that the media bombards us with, is minor compared to the deeper issues that allow this societal dysfunction to occur. Stolen elections, fake pandemics and phony wars to “save democracy,” cannot be solved by elections or laws. That’s because most of the human actions that are evil, are actually caused by the deliberate, incremental destruction of humanity’s moral character.

Core values such as Honesty, Diligence, Fortitude, Kindness and Integrity, that used to define a person’s true worth, have been jettisoned in favor of expedient traits that might provide tawdry fame and tarnished fortune. It is all about “likes” and “clicks” and “re-tweets.” But here at Long View Bay, it is all about the need to restore long-abandoned virtues.

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