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German Health Minister: ‘We Must Take Large Groups Of Unvaccinated And Concentrate Them Into Special Camps’

From The Babylon Bee:

BERLIN—German Health Minister Jens Spahn has announced his aggressive plan to fight COVID, which will include gathering all the unvaccinated people and putting them in special secured areas where they won’t bother anyone.

“Ze key to fighting ze COVID iz very simple,” said Spahn. “Ve must concentrate all ze filthy undesirables into special camps with very tall barbed-wire fences all around, where they will not infect us with their filthy anti-vaxx presence anymore.”

Unvaccinated Germans will also be required to wear highly-visible markings on their clothing, so everyone will know to stay away from them, or turn them in if they attempt to buy food in a public market.

“Zis iz for ze good of ze German people,” continued Spahn. “Ve vill not tolerate zis disgusting unvaccinated in our presence anymore. Heil Science!”

Spahn then gave a very special pro-science salute.

Australia praised the move by the German Health Minister, saying it worked great for the Aborigines.


NY State Assembly Bill A416: The Path to Covid Concentration Camps In America? by Brandon Smith

It says right there in the bill that New York’s governor can detain and imprison anyone deemed a threat to public health. You still think anything about Covid-19 really had anything to do with health? From Brandon Smith at alt-market.us:

Six months ago amid the panic and the hype surrounding the coronavirus outbreak the New Zealand government made an announcement that went mostly unnoticed by the mainstream media. It was a policy decision that the whole western world should have been up in arms about, but at the time the public was still processing the pandemic chaos. New Zealand was instituting what amounted to covid prisons – Medical “quarantine facilities” where ANY citizen suspected of being a covid carrier could be detained without due process for as long as the government saw fit. Not only that, but these covid camps would fall under the jurisdiction of the military. In other words, the NZ covid response was quietly being shifted into martial law.

The hyper-totalitarian measures were implemented in the face of a mere 22 covid deaths for the entire nation at that time. The media has been applauding the NZ response in recent weeks, arguing that heavy handed policies today will mean more freedom and a better economy tomorrow when infection numbers have been reduced. However, as I have been warning since the beginning of the pandemic, the lockdowns are designed to last forever.

We might be allowed “partial reopenings” and brief moments of relief, but covid mandates have nothing to do with public health and everything to do with public submission. The virus is nothing more than a useful crisis to be exploited as a rationale for tyranny.

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