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California Hospital Refuses Transplant Surgery For Unvaccinated Woman With End-Stage Kidney Disease, by Allan Stein

Another horror from the humanitarian state. From Allan Stein at The Epoch Times via zerohedge.com:

Even on a good day, Linda Garinger of Ramona, California, thinks about dying.

Linda Garinger (L), who has end-stage kidney disease, and her daughter Emily Lewis read the letter from a hospital denying Garinger a kidney transplant operation because she won’t get a COVID-19 vaccine. (Allan Stein/The Epoch Times)

Since she went on kidney dialysis two years ago, she’s had a heart attack and a cardiac episode associated with her thrice-weekly treatments.

Her energy is low as her other vital organs slowly fail. Her blood pressure is out of control—hovering at around 200 systolic over “100-something”diastolic whenever she undergoes dialysis.

Garinger feels it’s only a matter of time before her next heart attack, which could prove fatal unless she gets a new kidney.

Linda Garinger, 68, of Ramona, Calif., looks out her living room window on March 13, 2023. (Allan Stein/The Epoch Times)

The dialysis is very stressful on me. My vision is going. My hair is falling out. I’ve got skin cancer,” said Garinger, 68. “They said it’s from the dialysis not filtering out all the bad stuff.

“My biggest fear is I’ll have a heart attack during dialysis. I’m just going downhill right now.”

In 2022, Garinger was eagerly waiting for a kidney transplant at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, having found a good organ match in her daughter, the doctors told her.

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kyoto university professor sues japan’s health ministry over covid vaccine, by el gato malo

The Japanese are not generally considered boat rockers, but one professor is certainly doing so. From el gato malo at boriquagato.substack.com:

accuses health ministry of fraud

professor emeritus fukushima (an infectious disease expert) of kyoto university is suing the japanese government/health agencies over the covid vaccines.

his points are bang on and the similarities to the shenanigans of western health agencies are more than passing:

  • it is a matter if fundamental importance for the government to collect and disclose accurate data
  • “witnessed fraud scandal committed by the health ministry”
  • this is a historically serious problem that threatens the very existence of the nation of japan.
  • “as a medical doctor and a scientist, i had no choice but to dare to take legal action”
  • it is of absolute importance to disclose the real world efficacy and safety of vaccination against covid. it is linked to people’s healthcare, livelihood, and the economy.

some of you may have heard this next point before as it aligns tightly with what i calculated using ONS data for UK last year (before they discontinued it) yup, 4X risk ratios for infection…

back in sept 2021, the fatality rate for those over 65 and vaxxed was lower than the unvaxxed, however for all ages, vaccination has demonstrated the opposite effect causing higher fatality rates. (note that this is pre-omicron and seems to refer only to covid and not all cause deaths)

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