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How To Fight Price Inflation At Home, by Samantha Biggers

This may the most nuts-and-bolts helpful article SLL posts all year. From Samantha Biggers at peakprosperity.com:

Inflation is a big topic right now.

The $trillions in fresh worldwide stimulus are causing the price of nearly everything we depend on to rise sharply in price, as this chart from February shows:

price inflation table

(Note how both Bitcoin and Ethereum have increased a further ~50% since this chart was made just a month ago.)

Adam has had a number of excellent interviews recently with highly experienced economists, analysts and investors — like Ed Butowsky, Grant Williams, Jim Rogers, Jim Bianco, Luke Gromen, Steen Jakobsen and others — who are extremely concerned of the secular era of rising inflation they see us headed into. And these interviews contain a lot of valuable guidance about how to position your portfolio accordingly.

But I’d like to offer some guidance that everyone, regardless of net worth, can follow to help insulate their home budget against the threat of rising prices.

I offer 29 steps below — some big, some small — that my husband and I are implementing in our own life. And while these steps save money, they don’t sacrifice quality of life. No one (including me!) wants to lower their living conditions if they don’t have to.

Start by looking for hidden inflation at the grocery store

Remember when sugar came in 5 lb bags? Now that same sugar comes in a 4 lb bag but costs the same. Orange juice containers have had ounces shaved off, too.

This is an easy way for manufacturers to make up for rising costs without raising the actual sticker price at the grocery store. People don’t notice as quickly or protest as much as they would if their grocery bill suddenly shot 20% higher.

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